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Making Life Work

Jun 15, 2017

Listen to The Jenn’s explore career transitions that they have gone through in their lives.

Jenn WW talks about her Work Wonder’s Boot Camp and Jenn O encourages everyone to try it because she loves it so much!


Work Wonders Consulting


Work Wonders Boot Camp

Jun 8, 2017

Have you noticed how popular decluttering has become lately? Why do you think that is? Listen to The Jenn’s talk about whether or not the things you donate hold energy and what it feels like to declutter things that still have some meaning. Decluttering is look like from the practical side as well as the “joy”...

Jun 1, 2017

How are you dealing with the current political climate? The Jenn’s talk about how they are now consuming news, shutting off push notifications, ruthlessly curating their Facebook feeds and taking daily action in this age in President Trump. The Jenn’s also discuss how politics are affecting people on a daily basis...