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Making Life Work

Dec 26, 2018

 Reflections on 2018

 Join the Jenns as they say good bye to 2018 and discuss what they want out of 2019. Jenn WW talks about realizing what systems worked and didn’t work for her while Jenn O realizes she’s bought 3 planners for 2019.

 Looking to gain some Momentum in 2019? Join the Jenn’s for their first ever joint program “Momentum 2019”. Start the year with a vision, a plan and a community of creative ambitious people who are there to support you.  Create a clear plan that will help you get exactly what you want out of 2019 that is more than just New Year resolutions. 

The link for the course is here:  and you can email us or DM us on Instagram with any questions.  We are purposefully limiting the size of the group so that it is an intimate small group experience.


In just four weeks (plus a super fun Retreat Day) we’re going to share with you how to dream, vision, plot and play your way to success in 2019.  This is a virtual program accessible anywhere in the world so you don’t need to live in Boston or Maine to take part. 

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