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Making Life Work

Oct 24, 2017

This week, the Jenns share their personal and business projects that they are working on behind the scenes and discuss how they approach their work and goals with new jobs, demanding schedules, and competing priorities.

Jenn WW is working on streamlining her business Work Wonders Coaching and Consulting and focusing on creating new digital products and resources for ambitious professionals. This includes a new, free week long challenge starting next month, Uncomplicate Your Job Search, where she’ll be helping job seekers get organized and start their job search. She’s also very excited to be offering new service packages, designed to allow her to spend more time with her clients.

Jenn O is trying to find a balance between a busy new job and writing her dissertation - no easy feat! She also has some new ideas for adding new products and services to her tarot card business and is experimenting with carving out time for dissertation writing, business building and everything else! Finally, Jenn has two upcoming retreats she’ll be spending with close friends and accountability buddies, which will allow her to start planning for 2018.


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