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Making Life Work

Oct 5, 2017

The Jenns are back with the first episode of Season 2 and they’re sharing their favorite micro-habits - little things they do on the regular to make their lives work.

Jenn WW shares her love for tracking money and budgeting, food prepping for the week on Sundays, and foam rolling to reduce chronic pain. Not surprisingly, Jenn O has her own set of micro-habits. Gratitude journaling, taking time in the morning to enjoy tea and read tarot, and going outside to get some fresh air and sunshine (especially before the cold weather sets in!) are the little habits that make her day that much better.

And together, the Jenns sing the praises of a shared micro-habit: going to bed early. While it sometimes means early evenings, it also means waking early and feeling focused and productive. #worthit

We hope this episode gives you some ideas for easy-to-implement habits that can make a big difference. Or even better, you can give yourself credit for something you’re already doing!

We’d love to hear about your micro-habits over in our Facebook group, “Making Life Work” or tag us on any of our social media handles and let us know what little things make a big difference in your life.


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